Friday, July 20, 2007

Tangasseri – a blast from the past !

It maybe a quirk of history that Mount Carmel Convent School, by virtue of its location in Tangasseri, has witnessed and survived the major changes in the political history of Kollam. It is perhaps this positioning of the school that has added that “unique touch” to the carmelites - the spirit of adaptability and survival !Not to forget the old world charm when you remember your school days. Colonial bungalows, cosmopolitan attitude and an unusual blending of Portuguese, Dutch and British culture, architecture and life style is perhaps what gives a quaint flavour to the "sea side hamlet" of Tangy.

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and get set on a historical walk through Tangasseri, tracing the history of this multi-cultural settlement since the days of the European advent on this eastern coast. I’m sure you will recognize (click on the fotos)some of the beautiful houses along the streets of Tangasseri.This webpage belongs to Mr. Joseph Fernandez who is also the author of the book on Tangasseri called ‘Glimpses of Tangasseri - A 500 Year Legacy’.He writes, “By any stretch of imagination, the Malabar coast is a breathtaking span of scenery. Pampered coconut groves jostle for space with red tiled villas. Its native Malayalam, with its singsong intonations, measures out its richness in expressions as golden as the sands that border it. While Life itself swishes onto its verdant shores with the lazy splash of waves. Give or take a turbulent history, that is pretty much the Good Life, as it is known in God’s own country…over the centuries, these changes in India have reflected themselves in the story of a picturesque little settlement at the southern tip of the Kollam coast (modern day Quilon). Here, beyond the ruins of a large crumbling fort, was born a treasure-trove of a Malabar legacy: Tangasseri. A thriving gold trade once existed here. Not to mention, rivetting legends of buried treasure. But this was only one of Tangaserri's timeless secrets…”

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